About Our Snugs


— Four Unique and Cozy Snugs —

O’Connell’s “Snugs” have special significance in Ireland’s and Alexandria, Virginia’s history.

— “Meagher Snug” —


The “Meagher Snug”, situated in O’Connell’s Irish Restaurant and Bar in Old Town Alexandria, is a fitting tribute to one of Ireland’s famous sons. Waterford man Thomas Francis Meagher was founder of the Irish tri-color flag, way back in 1848.


“Meagher of the Sword” was an Irish rebel, a fantastic orator, a statesman, and the leader of the famous Irish “Fighting 69th” brigade in the American Civil War. This beautiful Snug, being situated in historic Old Town Alexandria, is very fitting. Old Town has changed very little since Meagher himself walked its cobbled streets in the cause of the Union 160 years ago.

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